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dbFlashCopy replicates, backs up and recovers data, contributing to improve the efficiency of operations in Seguros Ecuatoriano Suiza


Ecuatoriano Suiza, with 69 years of experience in the insurance market, has a strategy focused on the automation and digitalization of all its processes. In technological terms, it uses Oracle’s transactional database and a high-tech server to manage it. It has state-of-the-art application servers, cloud services and housing.

One of the most important activities for the company’s IT area is the administration and backup of its Oracle database engine.

When changing the company that provided technical support services they had the opportunity to know dbFlashCopy, a technology that was tested by the database administrator and after a cost-benefit analysis, was implemented to perform several tasks.

The main task is the support in the replication of the database.  Vicente Delgado, Technology Manager of Ecuatoriano Suiza Insurance mentions that dbFlashCopy is responsible for keeping the two bases synchronized between the datacenter of Quito and Guayaquil. For example, in the face of a possible database engine crash in the main data center, dfFlashCopy has the potential to enable it in minutes in the alternate data center and automatically continue operations.

In addition to being used as a tool for data replication, dbFlashCopy fulfills one of the most important functionalities, having a copy of the database in minutes, no more than 15, and the possibility of switchover and failover quickly and securely

«dbFlashCopy allows us to monitor the  data in  a distributed way, review the growth rate of the data and project it over time taking into account the storage capacity.»

For Vicente Delgado, the level of complexity of data replication was reduced to 30% because 70% does dbFlashCopy easily. The reduction in times is also important, data replication with dbFlashCopy has been reduced to hours of a process that took a couple of days.

Another advantage that Vicente Delgado points out  is the decrease in human talent dedicated exclusively to database administration. «Previously, our company had a Database Administrator (DBA) who was solely responsible for these functions, because the original Oracle tool required a considerable amount of time to manage.»

«dbFlashCopy allows us to manage the database engine in an agile and efficient way, allocating a valuable resource that also knows the core of the business to lead projects in the company’s software support area.»

The database in a transactional company is a strategic and neuralgic resource and dbFlasCopy enables the availability of the database and contributes to business continuity, with this tool the RTO (recovery time objective) gap is reduced and the time of creation of test or pre-production environments is reduced.

Vicente Delgado points out that, if a piece of data gets corrupted in a database, it is crucial to address and fix the problem immediately. If ignored, there is a risk that corruption will spread and affect the entire data stream. In this sense, dbFlashCopy ensures that the database is being backed up continuously.

In short, dbFlashCopy allows you to recover the entire data and continue with the operations without major delays.

DbFlashCopy provides the ability  to replicate, backup and recover data, helping to improve the efficiency of operations and ensure the availability of information at all times


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